What an IRONY! Hacker extorting hacker

Last weekend several websites reported that an ironic incident in which a hacker hacked into systems of another hacker(s) and tried to extort ransom. The incident was noticed when an unknown hacker posted a Pastebin dump exposing redacted details of hackers behind an underground hacking forum basetools[.]ws. This forum is used by hackers as a marketplace for trading stolen credit card information, profile data, and spamming tools. The forum website claims to have 150,000 users and 20,000 hacking tools. The hacker who compromised the systems of forums shared snapshots of admin panel for the forum and also disclosed the details of tools offered on the forum, login credentials of SSH shells, backdoors, and spambots hosted on compromised websites etc. Interestingly, hacker kept a ransom note on Pastebin post demanding a ransom of $50,000 to prevent him from sharing the forum admin details with law agencies. It seemed that the hacked was had some personal resentment as he/she disclosed that that the admin manipulates stats on the forum by creating a user with handle RedHat. This user is mostly listed as top user in the forum’s list.

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